Latex Pedal Pull Rope
Latex Pedal Pull Rope
Latex Pedal Pull Rope
Latex Pedal Pull Rope
Latex Pedal Pull Rope

Latex Pedal Pull Rope

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Latex Pedal Pull Rope

The pedal really is not like an ordinary cable, only hands and chest can be used, it can also do hands and feet. You can practice arms, legs, waist, abdomen, and other parts. Compare stability at the same time with leg control.

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Elegant Design 

These exercise bands feature a fully fitted hand design, which is small in size. Flexible foam is included to prevent damage. outlined pedals and handles give you blister-free exercise.

Very Effective And Convenient To Use

You can use these sky blue (sky blue) resistance exercise band sets in your home, hotel room, office, or even outside. Provides ideal workout for hands, feet, and back, and can do sitting exercises. Improves stretching and flexibility.


The handles are covered in high-density foam, which reduces friction and protects your hands while exercising. High-strength latex tubes have high tensile strength. The foot pedal has a high-density EVA foam, which is anti-skid and comfortable.


  • Material: NBR Foam+Latex Tube
  • Color: Blue, Purple, Green. Yellow 
  • Size: Approx. (L * W) 52 * 28cm
  • Approx. 50*25cm / 19.69*9.84inches.
  • Total weight: approx. .215 g